Welcome to the Scale Off Road RC Association "SORRCA" website.

The SORRCA's mission is to provide competition rules for scale off road vehicles around the world.

Scale off road RC vehicles are one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can get involved with. With realistic looking and performing vehicles they appeal to young and old alike. Functional lights, winches, detailed interiors ... these trucks can cause you to do a double take when you look at pictures. Whether your vehicle is out of the box or you spend hundreds of hours putting it together, nothing beats building and driving a scale truck in a friendly competition. In the past few years the popularity of "scale" competition has increased tremendusly. Competitions have gotten larger on all levels and with this growth have come some growing pains. People getting together but having vehicles built to different specifications. People following different rules for penalties, etc .... Enter the Scale Off Road RC Association, aka: SORRCA.

With scale competitions increasing in popularity the need for a standardized set of rules and classes became apparent. So, in the fall of 2010 several experienced scale enthusiasts created the SORRCA to tackle those issues. The SORRCA exists to provide a common set of rules and guidelines for everyone interested in holding competitions with scale off road RC vehicles. By following a single common set of rules, people from around the world will be able to attend competitions knowing how the judges will be scoring them. This will allow everyeone to be better prepared, have more fun and ensures a smooth running event.